New Year || 2017

4:13:00 PM

New Year

As the start of the year came and went it had me thinking. As so many people do they set out to change things about themselves. New year new you? For myself I wanted to push my self and set goals. Short term and long term so that I have things to look forward to but also to be achieving goals and keeping up my motivation. 

1. I want to always try to do my best. I don't want to find myself taking the easy way out or giving up. Putting 110% into the work that I do.

2. Be more present in life. Not always vying for the future but enjoying where I am at in this point in my life. 

3. Try new things because the worst thing that could happen is that you don't like it and you don't do it again, but you could try something amazing that you love.

4. I want to read more. Classics books, books by my favorite celebrities, any books, I want to dive into books and get captivated. 

5. Drink more water, eat more veggies over all be a healthier version of myself.

6. Run more. I've never really been a runner but I feel like it could be very therapeutic.

7. Blaze a trail for my career. Make connections in my industry. Do the best work I can do. Help myself long term.

8. Be a leader not a follower. Be innovative and creative.

9. Work on relationships. Be a better daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend, student. Build close connections and make memories.

10. Make 2017 the best year yet.

Thanks for reading! xoxo  

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