Interior Design: Storage Room to Chic Home Office

5:16:00 PM

Turning a spare room into a beautiful functional home office. 
Before we started

The client had asked to incorporate a chair that had been purchased (from World Market) into the design. Once I saw the chair I had a vision. The client is very fun, bright, energetic person and that chair said all those things. We went with a different approach on industrial, rustic, chic. We also wanted this design to be affordable. So to the drawing board I went...

I wanted this office not to be ordinary, something you haven't already seen.

The Process.  

We wanted to incorporate a few things that the client had already.
Such as the bookcase, and the funky fun chair. We next went to a local decor/furniture shop called Pretty and Paint. We went looking for accessories and lighting. We found the most perfect rustic glam lighting fixture, we also picked up the wire baskets that hang on the chalk board wall, and some desk accessories. Some background on this next object my client is very into running so she has acquired a lot of race medals. We wanted to display them in a well designed way. We found two wooden arrows with hooks to display the medals perfectly. Our next stop was... online! We went looking for a dining room table that could function as a desk! My client likes to have papers spread out so no ordinary desk would fit we wanted to go big! We found the perfect affordable table from All Modern online. The distressed wood top compliments the industrial style metal legs perfectly. Next on All Modern I found two plush ottomans in the perfect shade of chartreuse pulling the color out of the bright and fun desk chair. Another splash of glam! Next in the process was painting. The chalk wall balances the space perfectly, it anchors down the room. It also gives the client an opportunity to be creative in her own way! We picked up a couple of items from Target such as the desk lamp and the window treatment hardware. We stuck with that industrial feeling for the desk lamp and window treatment hardware. In the space there was a wide open closet. Wanting to disguise the closet and have it blend in more than stand out I chose a fabric that blended right in with the walls but had the texture of an industrial style fabric. For wall decor the client had a lovely wall hanging already, that we incorporated into the design. Then I shopped around for some cute dry erase boards. After finding matching galvanized steel erase boards on potterybarn I knew they would fit perfectly. We also order a matching cork board but unfortunately it won't arrive till August. After items were hung the staging began. I wanted this to be very functional for the client who I know will be spending unless hours in this office working.

The Finished Product.

I loved working on this project and can't thank my client enough for being so flexible and easy to work with! Can't wait for the next project!

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