Our Story||Her side

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Our Story||Her side
How we meet
October 2016

May 2014

My Blake

At the ripe young age of twelve I unknowingly meet the love of my life. He was disguised as annoying middle school boy. We became best friends because I was also just as annoying. We hung out at youth group, joked, laughed, and tried to hurt each other a lot. High school came around and we began going to the same school. Still being our annoying best friend selves. He became my math tutor, we would tell each other everything instead of learning math. We were just friends nothing more. I saw him as my best friend who I loved to tell everything, talk about my problems, vent, laugh with, everything. Deep down I swayed back and forth between do I like him or is he just my friend. The hard thing was not wanting to push anything to far and ruining our great friendship. As junior year of high school approached he transferred to a different school. This brought us having to see each other outside of school. Long walks, long talks, and feelings starting to develop. After a while it became more than just hanging out with him. He was the only person I ever wanted to see or talk too. After nights spent talking instead of sleeping and getting coffee turned into coffee dates we couldn't stay apart. He took me to a movie and asked to hold my hand. That changed my whole life. From there our feelings grew and about two months later he became my boyfriend. And here we are over 3 years later. This boy who was my friend who I confided in became so much more than my friend. And who knew he would become my high school sweetheart and the person I want to spend forever with. Blake is so much more than a boyfriend he is my best friend, my confidant, my number one fan, he loves me unconditionally, and is my own personal comedian who can make me uncontrollably laugh. He makes the hard times less hard, he makes the sad times easier to bear, he is like sunshine in my life. I am so excited to share more about Blake and our story.

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