Inspiration Board For Fieldbrook Ave Project

5:35:00 PM

This project is for a new build. The house should be done in October and the client wanted the first room that you see to be designed first. Imagine walking through this grand front door and to the right  double sliding glass doors where you can peer into a colorful, vibrant, home office.

This project was a totally clean slate. For this wife, mom, traveler, and charity organizer, I wanted something bright, white, with a infusion of indian colors. I started with this desk and bookshelf that are from the same collection at World Market. They set the tone for the room. I wanted to keep them neutral and add the color in other places. I laid this vibrant rug under the desk to keep it fun. I put a grey desk chair to keep it feeling a bit modern. The gold desk accessories from Anthropology vamp up this whole design and take it to the next level. They keep it trendy but also bring in the cultural aspect. 

In this home office the client wanted the room to have many different functions. So I added a cozy lounging area. Complete with a grey lounge chair, a bright throw pillow, a metallic ottoman, some gold accent in the side table, and to make it super cozy I added the sheep skin rug. This little nook is opposite of a fully accessorized cube organizer, that can accommodate the television, toys and diapers for the clients children, and other items that need to be hidden. The lighting of this room changes the feelings. The wooden element that the main lighting fixture brings this space down to earth. It takes the bright down to a more rustic feeling. I think it tones the space down and gives it a cozier feeling. One of my favorite things about this home office was bringing in the gold sconces. They make the room. The give a finishing element and keep the space up to date.

This project will start once the family moves into their new build in October. I can't wait to see the finished product!

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