Interior Design Work: Working Remotely

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Interior Design Work

On Working Remotely

Late August I went back to school and left behind an unfinished project. I didn't know exactly how this was going to work with there being a 3 hour time difference but so far we have made it work. Having flexible clients was amazing for me especially since I am in school. Shout out to amazing clients!  Before leaving the project sites there was a lot of prep work. I prepped the clients on what was to come, the process and the next steps that were going to happen. I informed workers who were working on my projects and accumulated finishing touches aka accessories so even though I won't be there to finish the room it will still feel as if I was. I prepped the person who if an emergency was to arise on the project. I also prepped the stager who is setting all of the accessories. A lot of prep work goes into working remotely and trust. Working remotely is very different than working in person but just as rewarding and fun!

Here is an update on one of my projects. 
Its about half way complete this project should be wrapped up around early October!

{In Process}


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