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2:29:00 PM

Meet me {Madelynn Morgan Hopkins}
{Newport Beach California} 
Hello, my name is Madelynn, some people call me Maddy some people call my Mads. I was born in Southern California, raised in Oregon, and then moved 3,000 miles to Connecticut for college to pursue my passion of interior design. One of my life long dreams was to live near NYC. {I live an hour away soooo CHECK} My passions include any type of design, tiny plants, traveling everywhere, and basically anything and everything creative. I started this blog to document my travels, memories, share design tips and tricks, and whatever else might come to mind. I can't wait to share all that's going on. From east coast to west coast, designs to recipes, and everything in between. 

Madelynn Hop

{New York City}

{Rhode Island}

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